Age 55, Madrid, Spain, General Manager, Infancia sin Fronteras (NGO)

About two month after initiating with Immortalis Klotho Formula, people started to ask me about what was happening to me. Did I have any revolutionary cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery, because I was looking so much better and younger.

I also started to feel that I had more mental and physical energy, all in all, day by day I felt that live was great and I could take on the world.

Even so at the beginning I was sceptical, I deduced that maybe I just had some of those days you are feeling good, and my positive vibes made people see me more attractive – I couldn’t even imagine that Immortalis Klotho Formula was responsible for all that and after such a short time.

But then something else and even more amazing happened: I stopped using my glasses.

Since the age of 40 I was using reading glasses, and was told its a normal cause of aging. On days I went to the office, forgetting my glasses at home, I wasn’t able to see anything at the computer and I just couldn’t do my work. Summarising I couldn’t read anything without them. About a month ago, I started to keep my glasses in my handbag and at the end of the office-day I noticed that I didn’t even remembered to put them on. Today they are not even in my handbag because I don’t need them anymore. I can see again without glasses.

At present I’m continually still having some of those days you are feeling good and able to take on the world. It´s not just people telling me that I´m looking younger, I feel younger.  I recovered my vision. It’s a miracle.

!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am very excited to experience the future with Immortalis Klotho Formula!