Age 37, Spain, Director of China Europe Business Development Services (CEBDS).

I never felt completely healthy again (after Malaria) until…I took Immortalis Klotho Formula.

I can see that Immortalis Klotho Fromula works in a different way to me than Robert. The white hair I have didn’t turn brown ? Robert becomes Blond again!!! and due course I’m quite younger than Robert, however I felt a lot of positive changes I would like to highlight.

Before that, I would like you to know the most relevant medical background I have because is important to understand the particular improvements on me.

In 2012-2013 I was living between Angola (Soyo) and Europe for work purposes. During that period I got several bacterial infections (not very hard ones) and in three times I got Malaria. The second time I was quite bad and I have to be moved from Soyo to Rotterdam and being hospitalized for a week. I was sick and out of work for four months with inflammation of the bladder and the liver, very weak with a big anemia and extremely tired. During my stay in hospital and because I was really weak, I was diagnosed in first instance with Leukemia by mistake (no Biopsy was done), to discover later I got mononucleosis (two types at the same time – Cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr) one week after malaria was gone.

During the next few years, my health was never the same again, I always felt tired physically and mentally, with pain on my legs and I used to get sick very frequently, It seems I took everything floating in the air. Despite my immunologic system is being recovered, I never felt completely healthy again. The first improvement I felt was when I started to take cordyceps synensis and step by step I got stronger until now but the biggest improvement becomes when I took Immortalis Klotho Fromula.

Using Immortalis Klotho Fromula:

The main change I felt from the day first is that I felt more positive. I was having a very stressful period and I could handle it much better since I was taking the Klotho. I was not so tired physically and my head was more positive and focused and this situation allows me to be more relax. The first few days was difficult to fall asleep.

Somehow after few days taking Immortalis Klotho Fromula I recovered my strength, (it is a strange feeling) I feel healthy again I can handle everything. I have much more energy along the day. (Doesn’t mean I cannot feel tired along the day after doing things but it is a different tiredness)

When I started the treatment I was having a lot of cough and I felt my chest very congested, after few days taking Klotho (4-5 days approx.), I got a small urine infection which disappears in two days (typical detox symptom), since then, no cough and not urine infection anymore.

This is embarrassing to tell but since I start travelling to Angola and after getting the first bacterial infection, my feces never had the consistency than supposed to have and bad digestions. After couple of weeks using klotho, my feces have the perfect consistency and color that I had in the past. I was very surprised because it was a long time ago and now I feel that my digestive system works more regular and better.

In conclusion, I have to say I’m very happy taking the Immortalis Klotho Formula because I feel much better, but it makes me even happier that you can develop such a good supplement with a very honorable and beautiful purpose. I hope this supplement can reach all the population very soon and that we can be part of this implementation for a better world.