Age 68, Professor, Anthropologist.

I believe that soon I will be able to give up all medication and eventually I may even get rid of my conditions.

I have been a diabetic for about 20 years (type II). In order to keep my blood-sugar in check I need physical exercise, so for many years I walked several miles a day. For the last two years, I felt more and more tired and accordingly, the walks became shorter. Also, when I had to go up the stairs, I had to stop every now and then and pant.

About a month ago, I noticed that waking uphill or going up several flights of stairs, did not tire me almost at all. I started paying attention to this and realized that something has radically changed. I started taking longer walks again and ended them without feeling totally exhausted.

And then, (I do not know what possessed me) I signed up for an organized and monitored marathon in Transylvania. There were several categories 10 km, 30 km and 55 km walk, running or biking. I chose the 55 km walk. (

We started out at 6:00 AM, and needless to say, the day was quite eventful. To start with, my sneakers, which I had not used for almost ten years, and which looked quite fine the night before, turned out to be too old and practically fell apart after the first six kilometers. I called a friend and begged for a new pair, which I could pick up later at a checkpoint. But, for that I walked barefoot for almost twenty kilometers. This slowed me down so much that I told my companion, a former student of mine, to go ahead alone because we had lost too much time already. He chose not to. We had a great time walking through the Transylvanian countryside the whole day, through woods, fields, and canyons and stopped only once for about thirty minutes to eat. The total ascent of the route was 1871 m, total descent: 1952 m.

Towards the afternoon, it was clear to us that we could not finish the walk within the allocated 14 hours, but we decided not to give up and complete the walk. Towards midnight, we got lost in a dense forest, and by the time we finished we had walked 65 kilometers.

He next day in the morning after having slept only two hours, I had a class to teach. When I got up, my feet were sore form having walked barefoot, but incredibly, I had no sore muscles, and I felt really great. Better than I could remember. And of course, my blood sugar now is better and since physical exercise is not a problem anymore, I can feel that it keeps improving. I believe that soon I will be able to give up all medication and eventually I may even get rid of my conditions.