Age 72, Canada, Retired.

I have stopped taking Nexium on a regular basis

I keep second guessing myself on my understanding of what’s happening. To explain, I am feeling so focused (no brain fog) and I’m able to recall with speed and I am remembering words whereas before I would say: “It starts with the letter ‘whatever’!!! …. I’d be on the computer and something I saw would take me to other websites and articles; forgetting my original reason for looking on the internet. Not anymore!!! I’m able to go back and remember my original thought. So great!!!!

I’m overjoyed because I’m full of energy and optimism about the future. My skin has gotten really soft. Oh, and I have lost 10 pounds since combining the Immortalis Klotho Formula with a keto diet.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t retain fluids. My hands and ankles don’t swell and my buggy eyes from thyroid eye disease seem to be less scary!! Also, my joints don’t ache; I have noticed that when I work in the garden, my recovery time is almost nil – no stiffness. Also, I think maybe my hair is getting thicker.

Lastly, I have stopped taking Nexium on a regular basis. I still take antacids on occasion though.

I’m eagerly optimistic that things can just keep getting better.