Age 58,

My depression has all but lifted!

(Written after 4 weeks on Immortalis) I see myself now as a typical, well used 58 year older man. Yes in a state of degeneration. I had almost given up hope to have any kind of quality life ahead of me. I have for many years been aware of good diet, the need for exercise, meditation and practices such as yoga, however I think due to my lack of awareness in my teenage years, twenties and to some extent into my thirties, definitely created the seeds, due to over indulgence, for many of the degenerative problems that are now in full force.

My struggle in life has been with severe depression and suicidal tendencies, which in younger years I tried to alter or cover up with excessive drinking and drugs. For years I have battled my addictions particularly with alcohol.

In the last 5 years I have suffered from severe depression and inflammation in the body, making life almost unbearable. This gave me pain in my feet, hands, elbows, chest, shoulders, hips, knees, lower back and neck. I have had various x rays and I suffer from stage 2 Osteo arthritis, particularly in neck and lower back.

Increasingly I have been noticing my brain function becoming more foggy and slow. I suffer from insomnia. Spider veins in my legs have become a problem. Also suffer from periodic peripheral neuropathy, which can be extremely painful. Gum issues. Lack of energy. When I looked at myself in the mirror I saw a lifeless look in my eyes.

As I look back in my diary since taking klotho nothing dramatic happened one day to the next but this is what is happening for me now after 4 weeks.

My energy levels are about 60% higher. I wake up for the first time in years with energy for life. I find myself smiling and expressing my gratitude for life as a miracle out loud. I therefore feel infinitely more positive as I face life’s challenges. I can feel this positive engird beginning to spill over into all areas of my life. Its nothing short of miraculous.

My depression has all but lifted. I do sometimes get those fearful feelings arising but very quickly they shift. It feels like the energy in my system is both moving and communicating better.

My sleep patterns are nearly as good as when I was younger. My sleep is deeper, and I wake feeling rested and have started to dream beautiful dreams again. For years I have not been dreaming.

The pain in my seriously compromised joints is still there. i.e. Hips, shoulder, lower back and neck. However all the pain in elbows, hands and feet has simply disappeared. I can clench my fists again and have double the strength in my hands and arms. I also notice that I can spend more time in the garden and walking.

My eyes feel and look clearer and many people have commented on ‘how well and vibrant I look”.

Since being on the protocol I have not had one episode of peripheral neuropathy.

The pain in my gums is not all gone but much improved.

A really striking difference is that the spider veins seem less inflamed to look at.

One of the most significant revelations I am having on this protocol is that I sense a deep intelligence working in my system. My vibrancy is partly due to a feeling that it is communicating with me at some deep level. Like it is communicating with my bodily systems in an intelligent, co creative, cooperative way. As I result I am loving walking in nature, as I feel that something divine is really within me, walking with me. It has the effect of me feeling more connected to my heart, to my fellow human beings and larger humankind.

I feel like it is helping me in my own mission to help heal humanity. For some this may sound too far fetched but I don’t know any other way to describe it.

Going on the extraordinary difference in how I feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually after one month, I am extremely excited to see what will happen over 3 months and a year and so on. Will it have an effect on my Osteo Arthritis for example? Or macular degeneration and so on?

This month i will start taking it in yogurt form, and go even more deeply into the protocol.

What an honour to be participating in such a ground breaking gift for humanity. So much gratitude to Sacha, Carla and Dr Ruggiero and the whole Immortalis/Humanitad team, Watch this space.