Age 82, San Diego, Retired.

Heightened appreciation level and love of life

I have been taking IKF for 10 weeks. There is so much to be grateful for as we continue on this inspiring program.

My 5 main guidelines are:

1. Product and MSM twice daily.

2. Nutritious food.

3. Exercise/gym as possible.

4. Much reliable source water

5. Stay off sugar and carbs.

Summary of gains:

* Overall increase in health and awareness

* Heightened appreciation level and love of life

* Increased certainty

* Sleep much better (no nightmares)

* Future looking brighter

* Hands less cold

* Lower back pain decreasing

* Feet and toes stiffness slightly better

I wondered how I got to age 82. Now I’m glad I did and I’m looking forward to continuing on this path that you have provided.

Bless you.

Love Leon