Age 38, Graphic Designer.

Now something miraculous is starting to occur…

I would like to share my experience of implementing Immortalis into my life. I am now on week 11 of taking the product and I feel fantastic! I have chosen the route of making a culture from Immortalis Klotho formula with a yogurt maker. I look forward to starting my day and ending my day with a ½ jar of this amazing formula.

I am a 38 year old graphic designer. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare degenerative genetic eye disease called Stargardts. I have slowly been loosing my central vision since the diagnosis. There is no cure/procedure yet for my condition. *Seeing* as I chose a career in visual arts 10 years prior to the diagnosis, this has been a very challenging acceptance to say the least. Not being able to continue a career in design, I have chosen to enter into the field of health and wellness. Now something miraculous is starting to occur…after 2 months of taking Immortalis I started experiencing a significant improvement in my vision. My blind spots are slowly dissipating. Clarity and depth perception have improved greatly. Colors and details have boosted, everything is more vibrant. This is beyond exciting as you can imagine! I’d like to also share all of the other positive changes I am experiencing with my all over health and well being:

  • energy levels have increased significantly
  • muscles & strength have increased more after physical training
  • anxiety levels have decreased significantly
  • Happiness levels have increased
  • experiencing a more positive outlook everyday
  • Sleep patterns are amazing / sleeping a full 8 hours every night
  • extremely vibrant, vivid and positive dreams
  • more focus with work and paying attention to the people around me
  • so many compliments on my glowing skin and improved physique

All together I feel amazing and I highly recommend this product to everyone. I am very excited to continue on this plan. I look forward to seeing more improved results and I will continue to share them with you.