Age 47, England.

The MOST exciting thing…my sense of smell which I lost with the onset of my illness, is back!!

Since starting immortals I have noticed some significant changes and improvements to my health and overall wellbeing. As I write this testimonial I have been taking immortals for just over 3 weeks.

I have a condition called Samters Triad or AERD (Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease) which started at the beginning of the year 2000. It is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Without medication, my symptoms included very severe asthma triggered by salycilates which are in many (most) foods and the environment in chemicals and in nature. This was debilitating as well as life threatening. Also the development of nasal polyps for which I’ve had 3 sinus surgeries to date. I lost my sense of smell at the beginning of this illness and only large doses of steroids and antibiotics combined can enable me to have a very slight sense of smell / taste.

How it affects me on a day to day basis is it can make me feel tired (exhausted) and unwell with chronic sinusitis, and as a result of taking meds long term I’ve developed other health concerns. It’s been a balancing act to try to have the best health as possible on a daily basis to live a productive and full life.

I’ve been on a lot of meds for this condition for a long time, and have tried almost every alternative means to try to heal myself from this condition.

Since starting Immortalis I knew I had to stop antibiotics and steroids as I believe they would significantly reduce its efficacy. To my very great surprise and delight I experienced a wonderful sense of smell on just day 3 of taking Immortalis. Normally, if I had stopped my antibiotics and steroids I’d be feeling very unwell with a bad sinus infection which I have constantly had since the start of the illness. But the opposite occurred. Since then I have experienced a sense of smell and taste which has hugely improved my quality of life in a way I had almost given up on. The infection is still there but at much lower and manageable levels, and I have high hopes it will continue to abate and eventually disappear.

I have experienced great tiredness in the first 1-2 weeks of taking it, which I had been warned about, however now I am feeling very much better with less aching and a real sense of wellbeing. People have commented on how well I look at the moment and even that I look younger, Like I’ve had a good holiday, which I haven’t!

Other issues like early onset of arthritis in my joints have noticeably improved, and I feel hugely excited about the possibility of experiencing a future without illness and pain.

More than this, I feel that changes are happening on a more profound and spiritual level. I find I have a heightened ability to focus on meditating, and a greater awareness of all that is around me on different energetic levels. It’s hard to explain but definitely tangible.