Age 60, Chairman Europe-China Foundation.

My hair was completely white and thin, after using the Klotho my hair got nearly blond and much thicker as it was years ago when I was younger

My medical situation is as follows:

In 1992 I was operated on my parathyroid glands which all four were removed.
For more than 8 years, my body was taking the calcium from my bones as these parathyroid glands did not work anymore, supplying the body of Calcium. The lack of calcium gave me an enormous pain in my bones, to such an extent, that I was not even able to wear socks.

Since then, I need to take calcium supplements every day. After the operation I was released from Hospital with a prescription to take calcium daily. When I arrived home, I immediately returned back to the hospital because I was not feeling well. When I arrived at the hospital I collapsed in the main hall of the hospital, being completely paralyzed and unable to move. The doctors panicked and injected me the calcium. It turned out they send me home with too little doses of calcium to take.

At that time I needed to take nearly 200 gram of calcium a day, which was nearly too much for me. But the pharmacy made special calcium power which I could dilute in water which made is easier to take in. Now the doses have been drastically reduced to
750 mg a day.

During the years I also started to suffer from arthritis in my feet ( there was a time I could hardly walk anymore because of the pain) and my right shoulder. Many times I also suffered from Gout. Years ago I started to use Cordyceps Sinensis which solved most of the problems. The pain the right shoulder stayed and I got used to it.

When I started to use the Immortalis Klotho Formula the following happened:

– I felt some pain again in my bones for a very short while which reminded me again of the period before the operation. The pain was only for about half an hour.
Probably the Klotho was doing its work, restoring some damaged cells (but of course I am not an expert and doesn’t know it for sure).

– The pain in my shoulder disappeared and now I can use my arm again without feeling the pain.

– As I was using the Cordyceps, it gave me a lot of energy. When using the Immortalis Klotho Formula I stopped taking the Cordyceps to be able to experience the difference with taking the Immortalis. Immortalis Klotho Formula gave me also an energy boost as the Cordyceps , may be even more.

– It seems the Immortalis Klotho Formula also gives you “peace of mind” reducing the stress. Despite the stressful period I am now in, I feel completely relaxed.

– My hair was completely white and thin, after using the Immortalis Klotho Formula my hair got nearly blond (which was a nice experience) and much thicker as it was years ago when I was younger. This year I will become 60 years and I hope with the Immortalis Klotho Formula to have many more years to go as we have a lot of work and projects to finalize in the coming years to come. To make this world a better place and for sure the Immortalis Klotho Formula will play a part in this.