Age 51, Berlin Model, Perfumer.

Since starting on Immortalis, my headaches have reduced 90%

I started taking Immortalis Klotho Formula (2 1/2 months ago, 7. March 2018) for overall health improvement, esp. for constant body aches and pains. Before I started taking Immortalis, I had regular migraine/headaches, severe back pain, fatigue, hormonal imbalances. Since I began Immortalis, my headaches have reduced 90%, back pain to about 70%, after 2 weeks taking the formula, night sweats have stopped completely, skin all over body is softer, deeper sleep, more energy during the day, higher performance level when exercising.

People tell me I look amazing… ? and do not believe me when I tell them my age! Ability to focus has also improved.

Its too early to tell other improvement. But I noticed that a disciplined keto diet is really important. When I don’t eat a close keto diet, I do not feel as good and I notice that symptoms do come back. I am taking much less vitamins and supplements than I used to before. All healthy habits have a stronger effect when taken in combination with Immortalis Klotho Formula. Also making the yoghurt makes a big difference, compared to just taking the capsules.