Age 65, California Nurse Practitioner/Midwife.

My psoriasis on my forearm is completely gone after 16yrs!

I am a 65yo Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwife of 38yrs now working in my own clinic using Kinesiology in my practice and who was excited to get started taking this product concerned that I might be developing liver cancer in the future if I didn’t do something to intervene. Dr. Ruggierro’s Bravo has had incredible results with me and a variety of my clients but I was very interested in pushing my healing to the max by using Immortalis. I started taking Immortalis as soon as it arrived the end of February. Through lab testing it was found that my liver was very toxic with petroleum chemicals, and my digestion was elevated with fungus and mold. I felt I was barely existing due to exhaustion, joint pain, and extreme low motivation.

When I started taking Immortalis I has extreme low energy, psoriasis, difficulty releasing weight, some lung/breathing issues, depression/low motivation (I had to force myself to get things done), along with extremity numbness and extreme joint pain. Significant dental issues with amalgams in for 50yrs (all removed at 55yo and I had a severe lung infection at that time), and I have root canals since my 20’s (4 of them). Last year, I had a right facial cellulitis treated without antibiotics and a lung infection (also treated without antibiotics), vasculitis in my left ankle (history of 5 surgeries on my left foot (last one age 20yo) for reconstruction of genetic bone deformation and torn meniscus repair when I was 11yo). I still have poor circulation in my left foot, a nutritional scan revealed significant heart challenges (poor readings on the Acoustic Cardiograph even though my EKG was normal). Severe Adrenal fatigue noted on my hair analysis, cholesterol 120 (too low) low HDL at 40, all other labs normal, Vitamin D3 65.

The most significant improvement I have noticed since I began is the psoriasis on my forearm is completely gone after 16yrs! I also have decreased joint pain, improved motivation and some weight release.

On a scale of 0-10 (10 being best) my energy levels have risen to an 8. Motivation is higher, and I just started piano lessons in April. I feel more clear- headed, memory improved, more patient with difficult clients, family members, and my self. I feel like I can come up with more positive options and feel more grounded with everyone around me even if they’re negative. That was an incredible awareness. I am better at creating boundaries as well.

I notice that I want to go to bed a lot earlier than I used to-By 10pm. Sometimes I’m still up till 1am very rarely up to 3-4am (usually researching and reading articles). In the past this was common.